Delivering services from the public cloud including Office365, Azure, Amazon AWS, as well as services
from private datacentres, including; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS),
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

Backup as a
Service (BaaS)

Recovery as a
Service (DRaaS)

as a Service

Public Cloud

Desktop as
a Service (DaaS)

Lenovo CP Private Cloud Platform

You need infrastructure, but you don’t want
to look after it.

4way Solutions IaaS service hosts the infrastructure
components traditionally present in an on-premises
datacentre, including: servers, storage and networking
hardware, as well as the virtualization or hypervisor layer.
This allows you to look after the important things in life
such as the business applications but offload the tedious
hardware and network maintenance to us.

6 Core benefits of IAAS

Automation &


Data centre level security
and reliability

Expert Support

Global Reach

Flexibility and

Backup as a Service (BaaS)
4way offer enterprise grade, fully automated,
scalable and managed backup services
leveraging technology from the market leader
in backup and DR for SMB and SME

VEEAM have been building robust and feature rich backup and recovery software since 2006. 4way’s managed backup services are built upon VEEAM’s Backup and Recovery (VBR) and VEEAM Cloud Connect (VCC) technology. Offload your VEEAM copy jobs to our datacenters and we will help you establish a robust and cost effective backup strategy for your business. In addition to offering off-site services for your VEEAM copy jobs, 4way also offer on-premise VEEAM appliances.

Subscribe to backup and DR services as a
monthly service

Pay on a consumption basis and
scale both up and down as business requirements
change or adapt over time

Always receive the latest version of software
with built-in support and maintenance

Reduce load on in-house IT staff by offloading the
“heavy lifting” to a service provider

Public Cloud
The public cloud refers to the managed
datacentres owned and operated by large
multi-national companies such as Amazon
AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The Public Cloud is built to run global web-scale
applications such as Facebook, Spotify, Instagram etc
and is an excellent place to house your internet facing,
publicly accessible business applications. The public
cloud offers services over and above simple IaaS; such
as managed database solutions, cost-effective object
storage and managed code execution environments
enabling “server-less” application deployment.

Benefits of the public cloud

Pay as you use with
no commitments

Deliver business applications
globally, from local datacentres

24×7 business support

Deploy server-less

Large catalogue of tightly
integrated managed services

Deploy highly available applications without managing infrastructure

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
4way offer hypervisor agnostic disaster recovery
solutions by leveraging VEEAM’s agent and
agentless backup and replication services.

We can accept VM replica’s using VEEAM’s replication technologies for supported hypervisors (VMware/Hyper-V) or we can offer Agent based disaster recovery for unsupported hypervisors, public clouds or physical servers.

In addition to providing compute resources required for your DR we also offer rich and flexible remote access solutions to access the environment. Contact your account manager for a demo today!

Subscribe to backup and DR services as a
monthly service

Pay on a consumption basis and
scale both up and down as business requirements
change or adapt over time

Always receive the latest version of software
with built-in support and maintenance

Reduce load on in-house IT staff by offloading the
“heavy lifting” to a service provider

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
4way Solutions in conjunction with Citrix offer a fully
hosted desktop service, we have a desktop to cater
for all needs from the light standard business
application users up to high-end CAD Users.

Desktop as a Service refers to a service whereby the user’s desktop
environment runs in a remote data centre. In other words, the
applications, documents, web browsing etc are all executed by
servers which live in a secure, offsite location. What the user sees on
their screen is, in essence, a picture of what is happening somewhere
else. Imagine for a second that you had a very long keyboard, mouse
and monitor cable that stretched all the way to a secure data centre
and all you had on your desk was the actual mouse, keyboard and
monitor with the odd printer and scanner in the office.

Data Centre level security
and reliability

Extreme portability of the desktop
across multiple devices

Hardware efficiency through
high-density servers

Simplified compliance
through centralisation

Why is the public cloud problematic for many organisations?

What everyone wants is a public-cloud like experience with the performance and control of a private cloud and now you can have it. Lenovo CP gives you a private cloud without added costs or complexity, that offers customers a premium user experience. By building our software defined infrastructure on commodity hardware, you receive a turnkey cloud software appliance that delivers the simplicity and agility of the public cloud behind your corporate firewall. Completely software defined and based on open source technologies, the Cloudistics Ignite platform makes hardware invisible and composes network, compute, and storage on demand as your applications demand it. You get to focus on applications and business needs, not hardware and management.

Lenovo CP will always bring you

Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics

Lenovo CP provides rich monitoring, reporting and analytics across all elements of the platform including compute, storage and network.

Advanced Features

Lenovo CP provides advanced technologies such as storage efficiency through single instancing, thin provisioning, de-duplication and compression.

Single Pane of Glass

The entire Lenovo CP Platform is managed and controlled from one vanity web address. No longer do you need a console for each component within your data center. Manage your private cloud, like the public cloud.


Looking to reduce annual costs associated with your hypervisor? We offer an all-inclusive virtualised platform, including the hypervisor!


Don’t manage hardware – when updates are available, users are presented with the option to deploy software and hardware updates in a non-disruptive manner.


Lenovo CP gives you a private cloud – hardware, software, compute, storage, and hypervisor, all for one price – cables included.


The entire Lenovo CP experience is dedicated to making applications the entire focus of the customer – engage a support engineer within the Lenovo CP controller via chat in one click.


Lenovo CP collects and pools hardware resources in a federated manner and allows those pools to be carved, thin provisioned, and delivered to tenants within the platform.


Lenovo CP delivers resources in a clusterless fashion and we federate all compute, memory, and storage, so no limitations like clustered environments or file-systems.


Many platforms, one management portal, and all-inclusive support for disaster recovery and business continuity.


Offers a library of application templates ready for deployment, built and hardened by the vendors themselves.


Manage your private cloud, from the cloud, delivering complete control, orchestration and management from an HTML 5 SaaS portal.

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