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Whether you require a fully managed cloud hosted web filter or an on-site appliance, 4way Support Services offers a unified solution that can filter any device in any location

4way Support Services Web Filter provides web filtering to any Linux, Windows, OSX or iOS device. Web Filter can be deployed as a cloud based service, an appliance or virtual appliance at the customer premises. Web Fiilter can continue to protect and filter internet traffic even when devices are out of the office.

Web Filter
The Web Filter Protection service allows you to deploy a range of technologies that can be optimised to deliver the level of protection required without compromising the business or user experience. The solution provides flexible scalable web filtering with Malware and Spyware protection to all your users regardless of the diversity of your environment.
Cloud Filter
The Cloud Filter service is simple to deploy and simple to use. Setup your policies and point your web traffic at the service and your filtering is in place. As many gateways or devices as you require can be setup and authentication is simple using our authentication service which can be interfaced with your directory servers.
Web Filter Gateway
The Gateway Filter can be installed as a virtual appliance or a physical server. It’s simple to install and simple to manage but can be installed in combination with other gateway devices or in conjunction with the Cloud Filter to provide high availability.
Web Filter Device Filters
The Device Filter allows you to easily protect mobile users. The service enforces web polices regardless of location or connectivity; it’s ideal for laptops, desktops or iPads where filtering on a gateway can’t be guaranteed. The iPad filter allows tablet users to be easily managed by central policies in the same way as user on other devices or gateways providing management and reporting through the central control panel.
Web Filter Control Panel
The central Control Panel allows you to manage the cloud, gateway and device solutions from one simple web interface. Policies can be as simple or as complex as required. Users or devices can be grouped and layered policies applied and these policies will be applied regardless of the technologies deployed. Reporting is simple, a comprehensive set of reports allow you to easily create overviews or drill down into the detail. These reports can either be generated on demand or scheduled.