STOP 100% of all known viruses, trojans and worms

Reduce SPAM by a minimum of 99%

100% Service Availability

No hidden upfront costs

Cloud Hosted Anti-Spam

Get only the emails you want...

Not the ones you don't...


The 4way Support Services Cloud based Email Filter provides our customers with one of the most technically advanced email protection services available. Designed to protect against offensive content, viruses, malware, phishing and spam – our email filter will significantly reduce email traffic, server storage space, bandwidth usage, legal risks and liabilities, whilst increasing productivity and assuring business continuity.

With exceptional accuracy and unparalleled reporting capability, Email Filter acts as a cloud based threat counter agent, sitting between the sender and the customer network.

Using an advanced combination of anti-virus and overlaying filtering techniques and technologies, Email Filter eliminates email borne viruses, spam and threats before they reach your email systems.

As a fully hosted service, Email Filter is system agnostic – it will work with any mail platform.

  • No hardware costs
  • Rapid Service establishment
  • Ease of management – no expertise
  • Combats multiple threats in real time
  • Compatible with major mail platforms including hosted email
  • Updates automatically
  • ISO 27001 & 9001
  • No degredation in mail delivery speeds
  • Totally scalable
  • Total management via control panel
  • Comprehensive reporting & analysis
  • Service level guarantees
  • Mirrored platform across multiple data centres
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Fully managed service available

4way Support Services unique technology gives us a leading edge over many of the filtering solutions currently available. By using a combination of multivendor anti-virus solutions, with proprietary multi-layer threat detection techniques, Email Filter provides total control and security.

Every mail that is passed through Email Filter is examined. Some of the characteristics that are examined include:

  • Header information
  • Message composition
  • Message body content
  • Images
  • Attachment name and true file type
  • Attachment contents
  • Message size
  • Likelihood of spoofing

Once examined, the message is then compared in real time: against digitally fingerprinted threats, signatures, various white and black lists, directories, key words, threat categories, URLs etc. Once assessed, the Email Filter will take the appropriate action as prescribed by your requirements e.g. quarantine, delete, forward etc.

This proprietary database process ensures that our Email Filter delivers 0.01% or better false positives. The databases are updated 24 hours per day x 7 days per week.

In addition to the inappropriate files that are added by our own experts, the databases also receive a feed from the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) containing the latest illegal child related materials and anti-virus updates from our AV partners every hour.

Once the examination analysis is completed, the Filter will take the appropriate action, as instructed through a policy decision determined by you.

Our cloud Email Filter platform is built for reliability and scalability. Mirrored across our data centres and built upon our industry leading hosting infrastructure the platform handles millions of email transactions rapidly and securely. Each data centre is certified to ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards.

  • Our market leading Cloud Control panel gives you total control over your email filtering and management.
  • Use predefined rules and policies (global settings) or customise them to suit local practise and policy
  • Determine and apply specific policies to users, groups, individuals or the organisation as a whole
  • Determine and set administration rights and privileges
  • Analyse email usage, patterns and data traffic by individual, group or total organisation level
  • Run comprehensive presentation quality reports in real time
  • To catch 100% of all known viruses, trojans and worms
  • To reduce SPAM by a minimum of 99%
  • Provide you with 100% service availability
  • No hidden upfront or service establishment costs
  • To support you 24 x 7*

*With a 24*7 support contract